Accredited Trainer Applications

New Applications

WHS Acts throughout Australia state the need for training of operators of ewps to ensure employees and employers meet their “duty of care”. The EWPA has in place a comprehensive operator training program also known as the “Yellow Card”. This involves a structured training program covering safety, hazard evaluation, pre-operational checks, operation of the various types of ewps and more. It is carried out by EWPA Accredited Trainers.

If you wish to become an Accredited Trainer with the EWPA, please read through the Accredited Trainer Code of Practice and submit your application to the EWPA National Office - qualification pre-requisites, costs and address details are on the application form.

Renewing your Accredited Trainer Licence

The AT licence lasts for 1 year.  Before your licence expires the EWPA will send out a reminder notifying you of the renewal date.  Please complete the application and send it to the National Office before your licence expires.

Accredited Trainer Application Form